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Accessibility Learnings

by Fiona Rourke

Online events, video conferencing and webinars offer a wealth of potential in a COVID-19 world where populations are in lockdown, but how accessible are these innovations?

Our newest article by Fiona Rourke explores how we can remove barriers to participation in digital spaces for disabled audiences. As a result of the pandemic, a very quick shift occurred from planning tangible, in-person events to translating concepts of gathering & celebration into a screen ratio of 16:9, presenting an important need to reconsider how we facilitate digital events.

While there were (and still are) barriers, throughout this article we explore what specific choices we made to support three digital events in 2020 and 2021. Exploratory in nature and developed from an arts and theatre background, we focus on selecting an appropriate platform, providing interpretation and translation as well as considering how we can caption live digital content.

Explore Fiona’s thoughts and reflections on this ongoing journey below.

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Fiona Rourke works at the intersection of art, interaction and technology in production focussed roles. She has naturally gravitated towards working on accessibility frameworking within the projects she engages with.

Image Credit: Shamphat Photography