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Digital Placemaking Category

Looking Back Stepping Forth

by Will Taylor

I'm Will Taylor and I'm a New Talent Fellow on the Digital Placemaking Pathfinder.

My role on the project is peculiar in that it is foremost an opportunity for my contribution to feed into how we can pull new communities into the conversation around creative tech and it’s use in the culture sector. But also to develop my practice and find my voice in a sector that I am relatively new to.

I’ve found the entire process not only challenging but really uplifting as I’ve been exploring how we can bring young POC more into the delivery of Bristol and Bath’s culture programmes. There are a lot of things taken for granted when doing engagement work, it’s a drawn out process and the ‘time’ element of this work isn’t often accounted for. I want to know how we can look at ‘new’ behaviours and open up our doors even wider to communities who don’t often interact with our cultural offer.

I've managed to capture some of my conversations and reflections on this Fellowship in a podcast Looking Back Stepping Forth.