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Amplified Publishing Prototype Call Surgery #1

Since May 2021 we have been working with a cohort of fellows and partners to develop our theme of Amplified Publishing. We have been exploring how emerging technologies enable new content genres and forms and how they are changing the way content is made, where it is published, how it is discovered, and importantly, what this means for audiences.

We now have funding to commission prototypes that will demonstrate the potential of emerging technologies to deliver new digital or hybrid experiences, services, products or processes that respond to the theme. We are interested in what the future of publishing might look like for content sectors ranging from games, books, audio, magazines and zines, across a range of platforms and mixed reality environments, offering new ways to reach new audiences.

What’s available:

We have a funding pot of up to £200,000 and anticipate awarding two to three grants of between £50k - £100K.

What we’re looking for:

We are looking to fund prototypes that explore and develop something new: innovative ideas which might address stages of the content creation, production or delivery process, offer new ways to discover content or enhance interactivity for audiences and enrich their experience.

Please note that this funding is not for a one-off piece of content or project and we are not looking for live performance or content for broadcast tv.

  • We are open to applications led by individuals, businesses or collaborating teams based in Bristol or Bath. You may work with collaborators outside the region but the main applicant must be based here.

  • We are looking for individuals/teams who can demonstrate the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver the proposed project.

  • We are looking for ideas that demonstrate potential to scale, to be developed and replicated in other cities or internationally.

We will hold 20-minute surgeries on zoom or over the phone to help you shape your idea or answer any questions you might have, these will not form part of the selection process. Surgeries will be with two members of the team and will take place on Wednesday 22 & Wednesday 29 September.

Book a surgery

This online booking system helps reduce our admin, but if you are unfamiliar with it and would prefer to email or phone us to book please get in touch via