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Building on the cluster's strength in publishing innovation, Amplified Publishing explores future models of content creation, discovery and distribution. We're delighted to be working in partnership with industry collaborators including BT, Future and Epic Games and BBC R&D to bring you the Amplified Publishing Pathfinder.

Amplified Publishing Theme

We live in a world where everyone with access to technology can publish. From YouTubers to Instagram-influencers, from gamers watching each other play online to writers self-publishing; content is everywhere. And yet, the biggest company with its most promising title and the podcaster putting their first episode online share the same problem: how to find an audience.

Digital technologies have fostered the proliferation of new platforms for publishing as well as new platforms for broadcasting, and the rise of video streaming has further dissolved the boundaries between these two modes. The music and games sectors include publishing as part of their workflows, though what publishing means in practice varies widely across these sectors. New models of content creation in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality environments further adds to the possibilities for blue sky research. The rise of audio along with voice activation via smart speakers in the home also provide multiple opportunities for R&D.

While the Covid-19 crisis has delivered rapid change, increasing our use of video conferencing tools, pushing teaching and learning online, boosting sales for some sectors, whilst decimating delivery models for others, we are asking big questions: What does ‘publishing’ mean in the 21st Century? How will the increased availability of seamless and synchronous visual and audio media enhance and expand traditional media, like books and magazines? What does personalisation offer to both content creators, their publishers, and their audiences? With the rise of visual storytelling, what is the future of reading?

And, most importantly of all, who are our audiences, where are our audiences, and what does our audience want?

Through this pathfinder, we aim to bring trade publishers, games and music publishers, web, online, video, audio and broadcast publishers together with tech sector innovators to see what kinds of responses to these challenges can be created.

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Lily Green


Lily Green is an artist and publisher with a background in languages and book craft. Her research will be exploring alternatives to mainstream publishing using experimental approaches to presenting people’s stories, thoughts and ideas by integrating print and audio.

James Binns


James Binns is the co-founder of a Bath-based games media group called Network N. The company started in 2012, and operates an editorial publisher, advertising network, and creative agency.

Sammy Jones


Sammy Jones is a freelance journalist, her work has been published across platforms such as Rife Magazine, Crack Magazine and Bristol 24/7.

Grace Kress


Grace is the founder of Shelby x Studios; an online platform that combines art and activism to build communities of care, amplify radical messages and imagine the world without systems of oppression so that we can begin to dismantle them.

Linus Harrison


Linus is an R&D project lead, a social entrepreneur and neurodivergent visual thinker, working with other neurodivergent visual thinkers to envision and create a world of publishing from a spacial imagery perspective.

Jasmine Richards


Jasmine Richards is the author of over 15 books for children including Keeper of Myths published by Harper Collins US and several books in the Beast Quest series under a pen name.

Tom Abba


Tom Abba is a writer and artist whose practice addresses the form and content of both digital and physical books, alongside hybrid forms of the two.

Vinay Namboodiri


Vinay Namboodiri is a Lecturer in the Computer Science department at University of Bath and is associated with the Visual Computing group there.

Agnieszka Przybyszewska


Agnieszka Przybyszewska is Assistant professor at the University of Łódź in Poland, based in Bath as a visiting fellow at Bath Spa University where she is conducting research on electronic literature as part of the Bekker Programme of Polish National Agency For Academic Exchange.

Mel McCree


Mel is an academic and practitioner in eco-socially engaged outdoor arts, play and learning. She is Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies at Bath Spa University, with a particular focus on children’s environments and futures.



Industry Partner

Bricks is a social enterprise with the mission to support local & creative communities to thrive in Bristol. Bricks believes in the civic role of artists and that through collaboration we can have a strong collective voice for inclusive growth in the city.


Industry Partner

Rocketmakers is a team of award winning designers and software engineers based in Bath. They work with startups, scaleups and multinational corporates to design, develop and deploy mission-led projects. Using cutting edge technology, specialist skills and a passion for success, they have helped commercialise hundreds of ideas and have helped raise around £50M into early stage concepts.

Complete Control

Industry Partner

Complete Control is a leading children’s interactive production company, based in Bath, specialising in creating digital content for the best in children’s media.

Crack Magazine

Industry Partner

Crack Magazine is the biggest independent free monthly music magazine in Europe and celebrates contemporary culture. Founded in 2009 in Bristol, the goal of the magazine has always been to represent and amplify a diverse range of voices, identities and sounds.

Bristol Ideas

Showcasing Partner

Bristol Ideas is a leading organisation for public debate and learning, bringing together arts and sciences to explore the key issues of our time.

Future Publishing

Content Partner

Future is a global multi-platform media company and leading digital publisher, with scalable brands and diversified revenue streams.


Content and Technology Partner

Uniquely funded by the licence fee, BBC Research and Development is enshrined in the BBC’s Royal Charter and agreement with the UK government to provide “a centre of excellence” for research and development in broadcasting and the electronic distribution of audio, visual and audiovisual material.

Epic Games

Content and Technology Partner

Epic Games is leading American interactive entertainment company and provider of 3D engine technology. Their Unreal Engine, provides a complete suite of development tools for anyone working with real-time technology.


Technology Partner

BT is one of the world's leading communications services companies. They serve the needs of customers in the UK and in 180 countries worldwide. Their main activities are the provision of fixed-line services, broadband, mobile and TV products and services as well as networked IT services.